Recently, we got a group of more information about the new Mercedes-Benz EQE. It is known that it will be designed with dual motors, with a maximum power of 400 horsepower and a duration of more than 600 km. This will be another major development of electric vehicles. However, if you use ordinary electric car chargers, can you try to figure out how many hours it takes to be fully charged?

According to the current development of electric vehicles, most of the cars can only last 200-300 km, which is not very friendly for those who self-driving travel, or long-term business outside. To solve this problem, we will show you our latest 11kw IEC 62196 16A EVSE as follows:

11KW IEC 62196 16A EVSE

11KW IEC 62196 16A EVSE

The parameters of this IEC 62196 Home portable EVSE is as below:

Product Name

IEC 62196 16A EVSE


IEC 62196




6A 8A 10A 12A 16A Adjustable by double click or swiping card

IP Class


Operating Temperature


The advantages:

  1. Fast charging speed

  2. Safe(12 protections)

1).Circuit board temp sensor(When the circuit board temperature higher than 80℃, it will automatically suspended, and continue to charger when the temperature less than 70℃)

2). Wall socket grounded(earth Line) test (which can help check if the socket of your home grounded)

  1. Timer