How Does Portable EV Charger Work?

portable ev charger

EV is a brilliant invention that is environment,intelligence, modern, and cheaper to charge and run as their gasoline rivals. Furthermore, the EV market is constantly expanding, Portable EV charger becoming easily available.

Charging your EV is quite simple with portable EV charger. A complete EV charger consists of a box and a cable. All you have to do is connect the plug on one end of the charger to your car and the other end to a power outlet.

In this respect, EVs are similar to phones as different types of EVs are compatible with different types of chargers.You just choose the right charger for your car.

Charging at Home

It’s great to have the freedom to charge your electric car at home because you don’t have to go to the gas station every time your car runs out of juice. Also, if your car battery runs at zero, you don’t have to tow it to a power station.

So charging an electric car at home is more convenient and cheaper than going to a power station. But how do you charge an electric car at home? if you have a portable ev charge,The process is simple — like charging your phone at home, in fact!

All you’ll need is a charger and a socket outlet with a power/electric output. The process of charging your EV is the same as explained earlier.

All EVs are made with charging units that are compatible with 120 volts /240 volts /380v sockets. This means that you can use your standard house socket to charge your EV.

Zencar portable ev charger comes equipped with mounting brackets that you can attach to your wall like a mini Wall charger.

portable ev charger

There are 2 main levels of EV charging at home. Here’s a quick run-down of each.

EV charging level 1&EV charging level 2

EV charging level 1EV charging level 2
Wall plug: Mema 6-15Wall plug: all the plug

EV Charging Level 1

Level 1 charger is the slowest type of charging equipment. L1 chargers plug directly into a standard 120 volt (V) AC outlet supplying an average power output of 1.3 kW to 2.4 kW. This power output is equivalent to 3-5 miles of EV range per hour. An overnight charge will add 30-50 miles of range, which is sufficient for many commuters.

A full charge for an empty EV battery can take over 24 hours. L1 charging occurs primarily in residential settings. There are very few L1 chargers built for public use. A majority of L1 chargers are the “emergency” cables that come standard with the purchase of an EV. Some parking garages make 120 V outlets available for charging if EV drivers supply their cable.

That’s because level 1 charging stations are 120-volt plugs, and it can take over 24 hours to reach 80% battery charge. In addition, only one EV can be charged at a time.

portable ev charger

EV Charging Level 2

To avail yourself faster-charging speeds at home, you will need a better and faster-charging station. You can accomplish this with the help of a level 2 power station. Using a level 2 power station is the fastest way to charge your EV at home.

It needs to be directly wired into your domestic supply. It can then be installed in your house’s garage, the backyard, or your private parking area.

Level 2 charging stations have a 240-volt plug, and can charge a plug-in hybrid vehicle to 80% in 4–5 hours.

Zencar portable ev charger  has 110v-240v voltage.When you use a adapter, likes 14-50 to 6-15, then it can switch between the two voltages perfectly.

portable ev charger

Additional reasons for the rise in charging at home

Charging at home allows you to more efficiently and conveniently keep your vehicle charged. You can program parameters for charging around your own needs and on your own terms, when you actually need it.

This eliminates trips to the local charging station and having to wait around for the battery to fill up. A home-charging station also lets you replenish the battery up to 50% to 80% on a daily basis, which helps maintain the battery’s longevity and overall health.

And you can make an appointment to charge at any time, for example, when electricity is cheapest, which will save you a lot of money. Zencar portable ev charger can help you with this.

Extra Range for Long Trips

The big thing about the portable ev charger, as the name suggests, is that it’s convenient, you can carry a portable ev charger in your trunk. If your electric car runs out of juice while on the road and the next charging station is miles away, a portable ev charger can get you a few extra miles. Support Yourself if You Ever Break Down Because of Lack of Charge.

Another benefit of a portable ev charger is that it adds extra miles to your car. Most electric cars have a range of 150-300 miles on a full charge. A portable charger can add additional 15-75 miles to it.

Calling a tow truck to rescue your electric car because you couldn’t make it to the destination can be a nightmare.

Zencar portable ev charger is a 100% portable EV power station that allows you to charge your electric car using a type 1 or type 2 plug.

portable ev charger

Safe use the charger is the most importance

Charging at home is safer than charging in public for a variety of reasons.

First,   public areas are generally more dangerous than residential areas.

When you charge your EV in public (which can take a long time, as mentioned earlier), you’re assuming the same risks as parking your car on the street or in a garage. There’s always a chance that it could get vandalized, stolen, or damaged by natural elements such as floods, hail storms, lightning storms, fires, etc. By keeping the charging at home, you’re keeping your EV and yourself safer.

Secondly, regarding the performance of the portable ev charger, safety is of Paramount importance.

For example, when your home circuit shorts or leaks, or when it rains and thunbles, or when the voltage in your home is unstable, your car is charging. So what should you do?

When you choose a portable ev charger with high safety features, these problems will not be any problem.

The 12-fold safety protection of  Zencar portable ev charger is the purpose of our charger production, because the safety of customers is our mission.

portable ev charger

Why a portable EV charger is a “must-have”?

Yes, you may have got an EV charger at your home. It is true there are thousands of public charging points all over the world. And, yes, you may already have got a standard 3-pin cord-set that typically comes with any brand-new electric car. And still, you actually need a portable EV charger!

A portable ev charger  is designed bearing the usage frequency in mind. It typically comes with a hard-shell charging case to store the charging kit. And it always has got a cord of increased durability. Therefore, the device can easily withstand the wear and tear associated with frequent charging sessions.

Moreover, the portable ev charger is equipped with higher protection against accidental contact, water, etc. Besides, unlike a standard cord-set, it enjoys temperature control and, thus, diminishes the risk of overheating.

At last a portable EV charger provides up to 32 amps. And this means your car battery may get up to 22 kW, almost ten times more than a standard option. Well, isn’t it great to get more miles while spending less of your valuable time?!

So, get additional charging back up and charge your car faster with a portable ev charger.

Why choose ZENCAR portable ev charger

The advantages of Zencar portable ev charger.

  1. You can make an appointment to charge it, this feature will be important for you any time you want to charge it, when you get home from work and want to make an appointment for the night when your electricity bill is cheapest.
  2. Save your battery log so you can see how many kilowatt-hours you are using at any time.
  3. Adjust the current, there are 6-40MAX options, you can choose any current you need.
  4. Wait for yourself to use the process to find out, it will be a surprise to have a Zencar portable ev charger!