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32A 22KW EVSE portable car charger in Zencar brand

Do you know about 22KW portable car charger? Is a 3-phase charger necessary for a family?

You could follow with me, then you will know more about our 32A 22KW EVSE portable car charger.

We also could try to calculate the time. If you have a 16A electric vehicle and portable, such as Leaf, it takes 4.5 hours at 3.6kW (its fastest possible charge rate) and needed charging 3–4 times a week. Plus, because of its short range, You may need to find time to charge it during the day between trips occasionally.

However, with the development of electric vehicles, consumers demand more and more battery capacity and charging time. Of course, the charging speed is related to the voltage, current and battery capacity. When the battery capacity is fixed, the greater the current and current, the faster the charging speed. In other words, our 32A 22KW is the best AC charger. Compared with the 32A 7.4KW charger, the 32A 22KW EVSE portable charger can save you a lot of time.

For example, if your car battery capacity is 70kwh, the voltage is 380V, the current is 32A, then it takes about 6 hours. Please kindly check the following formula:

70kwh * 1000 / 380V / 32A = 6 hours.

Compared with 3.6KW and 7.4KW chargers, 22KW one takes less time to finish charging. What’s more, you could travel more by your car and don’t worry if there is no public ev charging station when the electricity is running out. Our charger could be put in your car and carried everywhere, which is really very convenient.

It has 2 advantages compared with other products:

  1. Wall socket grounded test
  2. Set delayed time by swiping the RFID Card. You could save electricity fees, because the fee at night is much cheaper than in the day time.

Here are information about this 32A 22KW EVSE portable charger:

  1. Length: 5m
  2. Current: Max 32A, 10A 16A 20A 24A 32A adjustable by double click
  3. 22KW, 3 phase
  4.  Type 2 + RED CEE plug
  5. IP54
  6. Warranty: 12 month

In a word, a 3-phase charger is necessary and important for a family if your car supports 3 phase, becasue it could help you save more time. Would you like to try one?