7.2kw Home Portable EVSE

7.2kw Home Portable EVSE

Boom of Electric Vehicles Spawns Charging Growth

The growing number of electric vehicles — from sedans and SUVs to sports cars and seven-figure supercars — is prompting a growth industry in ways to recharge them.

Let’s be honest. “Range anxiety” — the fear of running out of power — continues to be an issue with buyers considering an EV, even as batteries become more powerful and some EVs can travel as much as 300 miles or more between charges.

Range anxiety also is becoming less of an issue as the national network of so-called fast chargers continues to grow. These powerful chargers can provide from 50 to 150 miles of range, depending on the vehicle, in 30 minutes or less.

More than 100 million Americans live within a 15-minute drive of a public fast charger. Many of them have been installed in a partnership between Nissan and charger company EVgo along the heavily traveled I-95 corridor on the East Coast, between Boston and Washington, D.C., and a similar corridor in California, between Lake Tahoe and Monterey, called DRIVETHEARC.

Nissan, of course, makes the best-selling EV, the Leaf. In August, the partnership announced 200 additional fast chargers for public locations, such as highway rest stops and shopping malls, bringing the total nationwide to approximately 1,500.

Tesla has its own fast-charging system, including in public parking areas of upscale resorts. The new $90,000 Porsche Taycan electric sports car, being released at the end of 2019, will have its own, too. Of course, both Tesla and Porsche say theirs is better and faster than the other guy’s, and also better looking.

More than 80 percent of EV owners recharge their vehicles at home, usually overnight, in the garage or carport, where charging units are usually wall-mounted and usually more utilitarian than attractive. That is also changing, along with their capabilities.The demand for 7.2kw Home Portable EVSE has risen sharply

Yocar , the expert in safe charging keeps on research and develop new portable chargers to meet the EV drivers requirement . Now their latest generation 4-  32A 7.2kw Home Portable EVSE has been pushed to market in this year . With its powerful function , convenient and safe to charge, the portable EV chargers are   selling hot in the European and American markets.

Need know more, please click below for Gen 4 32A 7.2kw Home Portable EVSE:

Product Name 7.2kw Home Portable EVSE
Standard IEC 62196
OutPut/Input 110-380v


6A 8A 10A 12A 16A or 10A 16A 20A 24A 32A Adjustable by double click or swiping card
IP Class IP54
Operating Temperature -25℃~50℃

The advantages:

  1. Fast charging speed
  2. Safe(12 protections)

1).Circuit board temp sensor(When the circuit board temperature higher than 80℃, it will automatically suspended, and continue to charger when the temperature less than 70℃)

2). Wall socket grounded(earth Line) test (which can help check if the socket of your home grounded)

  1. Timer