CCS cOMBO DC Charger

EV DC Fast Charging makes electric cars more useful and necessary, because of the Electric cars drivers get knowing they can quickly recharge, and the faster effective trip speed. It seems that car owners with fast-charge capable cars, with enough DC fast charging stations around them, feel capable of taking longer trips.

While DC fast charging of electric vehicles is usually unnecessary, because the optimal charging rate depends on the usage situation the driver is currently facing, it is convenient to charge the DC fast charging station almost completely within an hour. It is different from the charging range with a charging speed of 50 kilowatts per hour or higher (charging speed per hour is 20 kilowatts or more). An important fast charging network will make electric vehicles more attractive and lead to higher adoption rates. High-power DC charger is the future development direction. For example, 100kW CCS chargers for some new electric vehicles.

But most of the Fast charging stations inside the European Union use DC CCS2. If you are driving a EV which has USA style CCS1 socket, you will not be able to charge your EV. In order to charge from Fast charging station, you must have this CCS2 to CCS1 adapter, which allows to connect CCS 1 EV to CCS 2 Station, which is ideal solution for vehicles from USA.

Here are information about the CCS2 to CCS1 adapter:

1. Length: 0.3m

2. Current: 150A

3. IP55

Thanks to this CCS2 to CCS1 adapter, you will be able to use fast charging stations in Europe. If you are not sure about this adapter compatibility with your EV, please contact us and we will help you. What’s more, you could learn more about this adapter, as well as other other EV chargers. Welcome to talk with us!