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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

In order to thriving and stay ahead of the competition, we needed to be constantly adapting and evolving. We can be grow up togeter with you.

Public charging station

Let’s start right from the beginning by outlining the core model of your business, and any pain points.

The plug-in electric and hybrid car market is growing rapidly and we want to talk with you together, then develop high-quality products that meet market demands.

We’re here to provide the best service and support possible. We’ll fix any problem, no matter how difficult it may seem!

Energy supplier

So you need to hit a stable customer? Let’s explore how to do that and develop a plan of action.

Are you looking for an efficient way to manage and provide charging information? We have a suffWe have the perfect solution!
We have a successful case in Europe. We provide hardware and software research and development according to the needs of customers, to cooperate with customers’ network relationship system, so far has achieved good income.

Hostelries and shopping centres

It’s time to look at the pain points of your business and craft a method of relieving those issues efficiently.

It is undeniable that the sales of electric vehicles have continued to grow, so installing charging piles in public places such as hotels and shops will definitely help the growth of traffic.Whatever your facilities are like, we have all the solutions


Aftermarket is a big part of our servoce, and it is more and more huge.

The charging station industry is booming because people are increasingly aware of how important it can be to charge their cars on the go. We offer our expertise in installing and maintaining these points for you, and offer easy and safe portable charger.

EV Charging Level 2

The EV/PHV Home and Safe Intelligent Charging system is a new technology that can be installed on your home’s electric outlets to maximize charging capabilities while minimizing energy consumption. It works by monitoring how much power you’re using at any given time, which it does through an LED light ring around each outlet; this ensures optimum performance without over-taxing circuits or wasting excess electricity when no one has requested service (such as during early morning hours).

ev charger

EV Charging Level 3

Don’t hesitate, contact us immediately to customize professional products suitable for you, so that your brand and performance can rise to a higher level in a short period of time

EV Charging station

The amazing design concept

This ev charging station provides an easy way to charge your electric car. The sleek design fits in any garage or driveway, and its large display screen makes it very visible.It's sleek and stylish design will make you want one for yourself!

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