level 2 electric vehicle charger

level 2 electric vehicle charger

You have owned a car, But how about one level 2 electric vehicle charger?

More electric cars were sold in Britain last month(August) than ever before, as zero-emission car sales rose fivefold amid an otherwise subdued automotive market. Zero emission car sales came to 3,147 vehicles in August compared to just 659 this time last year, as the release of several new models over the summer boosted demand, including Mercedes’ EQC electric car and Renault’s Zoe model. Tesla’s Model 3 was the third-most popular car in the country in August – the first time an electric car has been in such high demand in the UK. At the same time, The demand of  level 2 electric vehicle charger is also increasing rapidly.

Electric cars accounted for 3.4 per cent of the market. The chief executive Mike Hawes said: “August is typically the new car market’s quietest month so the huge increase in electric vehicle registrations is very visible but especially welcome.“It’s great to see consumers respond to the massive industry investment made over many years.”

From the above report, it is not difficult to see that electric vehicles will be the future development trend. More and more electric vehicles will come into our vision, so it will also greatly promote the development of level 2 electric vehicle charger industry.

Next, I will introduce a good-looking and practical level 2 electric vehicle charger with complete functions. It is developed by Chinese suppliers, which can help customers solve the problems of slow charging speed, battery protection and other advantages. Its parameters of this level 2 electric vehicle charger are as follows:

level 2 electric vehicle charger

level 2 electric vehicle charger

Product Namelevel 2 electric vehicle charger
StandardIEC 62196


6A 8A 10A Adjustable by double click or swiping card
IP ClassIP54
Operating Temperature-25℃~50℃


The advantages:

  1. Fast charging speed
  2. Safe(12 protections)

1).Circuit board temp sensor(When the circuit board temperature higher than 80℃, it will automatically suspended, and continue to charger when the temperature less than 70℃)

2). Wall socket grounded(earth Line) test (which can help check if the socket of your home grounded)

  1. Timer