Zencar Model E Pro Level 2 Electric Car Charger

Outstanding quality, excellent user experience and market-leading technology, that’s what sets us apart!

  • Zencar Portable Level 2 Electric Car Charger waterproof is IP65, it can be use Indoor & Outdoor

  • The charger work voltage is 110V / 220V/ 380V

  • EV Charger is adjustable, max 16A /32A/40A

  • Passed ,CE,UL and over 10 years marketing test, Ensure the stability and safety of the product

Level 2 Electric Car Charger

Intelligent Smart Level 2 Electric Car Charger

Going electric just got easier

Portable Level 2 Electric car charger,the exterior design is simple, and the use of silver and black dual screen, make it look very fashionable.

Be equipped with ev plug cable holder and box holder.

At home, you can fixed on the wall, then the ev portable charger become to mini wallbox.

You can take anyway when you have a trip.

Level 2 Electric Car Charger
Level 2 Electric Car Charger

Level 2 Electric Car Charger with Biggest LCD Screen


  •  Type B RCD(AC 30mA +DC 6mA)
  • Adjustable amp
  • Electricity storage memory
  • Real-time monitoring of charging status
  • Biggest screen

Zencar Level 2 Electric Car Charger Compatible with Most Electric Car Models

With different EV connectors, and power plugs, charging can reach 3.7KW, 7.4KW, 9.6KW, 11KW, 22KW.

Each charger is provided with free mounted holders. Not only can it be convenient to travel, but also can be installed on the wall.

Choose a suitable charger for your car!

Level 2 Electric Car Charger

Portable Level 2 Electric Car Charger Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

Options: Type 1 plug, Type 2 plug, GB/T plug

ZENCAR have more than 10 years of experience in the EV field, and we have well-established management systems and supply chain systems to ensure that we can meet the needs of our different customers.

Customer satisfaction has always been our driving force..

Level 2 Electric Car Charger


Just tell us your brief ideas, and we can turn it into the design drawings with details you want.

ZENCAR accept ODM / OEM service. Such as print your logo on the product, make your own package and develop your mould.

A manufacturing & trading combo and establish in 2010, Zencar has been filed in EV Chargers more than 13 years , our products cover wallbox, mobile EV charger, ev cable and accessories.

We provide addtional value at several steps :

1)Product test and validation ,OEM as request

2)Pre sales communication (website guide,OEM packing design , Technical details )

3) After sales support ( Sales promotion support , after sales service, product warranty, technical consulting )

All done by technical expert, experienced sales , excellent designers

Why Choose ZENCAR EVSE Charger cable

We are a company that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality ev charger that meet all your needs.

Over 10 years of experience in EV charging level 2, zencar is well versed in this field. Yes, you are dealing with masters. You can trust them with your needs and expectations.

Need proof? Why don’t you contact us and we can schedule a zoom inspection session for you.

1. We are certified; Zencar is TUV,UL,CE approved.

2. We will ensure that we only provide you with high-quality EV Chargers
3. Our EVSE are better stability because we test 100% before shipping and use imported chips from big brands

4. We, as a brand, are genuine in all our dealings.

5. Design fashion is a creative field that is constantly evolving. As new styles and trends emerge, designers must be able to adapt their skills to create looks that are both stylish and practical.

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