Zencar Ev Charging Station WPro 2023 Released


No compromise on quality service Zencar Ev Charging Station WPro 2023 Released. EV charging station, basic version with adjustable current, specific charging time setting and type B RCD, that’s what sets us apart! get started Zencar ev charging station WPro 2023 released with [...]

Zencar Ev Charging Station WPro 2023 Released2024-06-08T08:01:26+00:00

Zencar EV wallbox WA with OCPP 1.6 4G


No compromise on quality service Zencar EV wallbox WA with DC 6mA RCD built-in Expand your business territory with commercial EV wallbox, Wifi,Bluetooth, OCPP, 4G, PEN, Load balancing, Ethernet. get started EV Wallbox with Optional plugs: Type 1 plug, Type 2 plug, GB/T [...]

Zencar EV wallbox WA with OCPP 1.6 4G2024-06-08T08:05:34+00:00

Zencar best home charging station since 2018


EV home charging station Zencar home charging station reduce your carbon footprint, improve air quality, and offer a unique amenity for those that have the ability to charge their vehicle while at work! Zencar home charging station waterproof is IP65, it can be use Indoor & Outdoor The wallbox work voltage is 110V [...]

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32A EV charging station home charging


Model 32A EV charging station Current 32A   1- Phase or 3 phase with app wifi Operating Voltage 230V / 380 AC +dc6ma IP Grade IP65 LCD Display size Touch Screen  108*64.8mm / 162*121.5mm  / 76*21mm Standard EN  61851-1 EMS EN 61000-4-5 ±2KV/±4KV perf. Criteria B EMI CISPR22/EN 55022 CLASS B Operating Temperature -20-50℃/5%-95% Supply [...]

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Home Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Are you ready to ditch the gas station and experience the clean, convenient future of electric vehicles (EVs)? We provide top-of-the-line home vehicle charging stations that make owning an EV effortless. With Zencar, you can charge your car overnight, saving money and reducing your environmental impact.


Trusted for The Best Home Car Electric Charging Stations

At Zencar, we've been at the forefront of Level 2 EV charging for over a decade. We offer a range of high-quality, safe, and reliable home charging stations designed to meet your specific needs. Here's what sets us apart.

  • Unmatched Safety and Reliability:Our chargers are TUV, UL, and CE certified, ensuring top-notch safety standards. We use imported chips from leading brands and rigorously test all units before shipment.
  • Versatile and Adjustable:Our home electric charging stations offer adjustable amperage (16A/32A) to fit your electrical system’s capacity and charging needs. We also offer multiple plug options (Type 1, Type 2, GB/T, Tesla) to ensure compatibility with your vehicle.
  • Durable Design:Our IP65-rated weatherproof construction allows for both indoor and outdoor installation. While suitable for outdoor use, we recommend indoor placement whenever possible to maximize the lifespan of the unit.
  • Universal Compatibility:We offer a variety of connector options, including Type 1, Type 2, GB/T, and Tesla plugs, ensuring compatibility with most EVs on the market. Additionally, you can choose from a selection of charging cables (Type 2 to Type 1, etc.) to seamlessly connect your specific vehicle.
  • Expert Support:With over 10 years of experience in EV charging technology, Zencar is a trusted leader in the industry. Our team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the entire process.
  • Customization:Zencar offers ODM/OEM services. Let us personalize your charging station with your logo and branding.


Make a Shift: Benefits of Owning a Home EV Charging Station


Charge your EV overnight and wake up ready to go. No more gas station visits!

Cost Savings

Home charging is significantly cheaper than gasoline, allowing you to save money on fuel costs over time.

Environmental Friendliness

By powering your vehicle with electricity, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Increased Property Value

A home charging station can be a valuable addition to your property, potentially increasing its resale value.

Find the Perfect Portable EV Charging Station for You

Zencar offers a variety of home car charging station options to suit your needs and budget.

  • Basic Version:Plug and charge for a simple and convenient experience.
  • WiFi + RFID Version:Control your charger and monitor charging data remotely via a mobile app.
  • Voltage Rating:Optimized for high-voltage charging, compatible with standard EV charging points.
  • OCPP Version:Ideal for commercial use, allowing full integration with your existing management system.

Indoor or Outdoor Electric Car Charging Station?
We've Got You Covered

Covered Our e-vehicle charging stations are built to last, whether you choose indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Indoor Use:Protect your charger from the elements and extend its lifespan
  • Outdoor Use:Our IP65 rating ensures your charger can withstand rain and UV rays. For long-term outdoor use, we recommend occasional inspection to maintain optimal performance.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save Money

By charging your EV at home with Zencar, you'll significantly reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and contribute to a cleaner environment. Plus, electronic charging stations are typically much cheaper than public charging stations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is installing a home charging station safe?

Safety is our top priority. All Zencar home charging stations for electric vehicles are TUV, UL, and CE certified, meeting the highest safety standards. We use top-quality components and rigorously test each unit before shipment. Additionally, our chargers are weatherproof and come with built-in safety features to prevent overheating and electrical faults.

How long will it take to charge my EV at home?

Charging times depend on several factors, including your EV’s battery capacity, the chosen amperage (16A or 32A), and the available power output of your home’s electrical system. Generally, a 32A charger will provide a faster charge compared to a 16A charger. For a more specific estimate, consult your EV’s user manual or contact us for assistance.

Can I install the charging station myself?

When you buy EV charging stations, it is highly recommended to get help from our qualified electrician to ensure proper installation and compliance with local electrical codes. This ensures optimal performance and safety.

What type of charging connector do I need for my car?

There are various EV charging connector types. To ensure compatibility with your specific vehicle, refer to your car’s user manual or check the manufacturer’s website. Zencar offers a variety of connector options, including Type 1, Type 2, GB/T, and Tesla plugs. Additionally, we offer charging cables (Type 2 to Type 1, etc.) to connect seamlessly with your car’s charging port.

What are the benefits of the Wi-Fi and RFID upgrade?

The Wi-Fi and RFID upgrade adds smart features to your charging station. This allows you to:

What are the benefits of the Wi-Fi and RFID upgrade?

The Wi-Fi and RFID upgrade adds smart features to your charging station. This allows you to:

  • Monitor charging data:Track charging progress, energy consumption, and historical data through a mobile app.
  • emote control:Start, stop, and schedule charging sessions remotely using your smartphone.
  • RFID access control:Authorize specific users to charge their EVs using an RFID card for added security.

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