Why You Need a Level 2 EV Charger


There is a whole host of Level 2 EV charger systems on the market, and it’s likely hard to decide which is best for you. Whether you’re a new electric car owner with minimal knowledge and experience who’s looking for a home charger, or a long-time EV owner considering an upgrade. Many EVs come with chargers classified as “Level 1” ev charger.  But Level 2 EV chargers like the ZENCAR Model D MAX 40A can help you charge more quickly .

How to choose ZENCAR level 2 ev Charger

Level 2 EV charging is the most basic and common form of vehicle charging. Level 1 ev charger provides a range of 4 to 6 miles per hour of charge. Level 2 EV chargers make up the majority of public chargers . Level 2 ev charger charging provides 10 to 20 miles of range per hour. They’re a good option for drivers who need “fast charging,” whether it’s complicated schedules, limited long drives, or EVs that need to top up a larger battery. They transmit up to 19.2 kW of power to the vehicle using a 208/240 VAC circuit.

Easy to charge of zencar level 2 charger

The Level 2 charger offers plenty of charging convenience as it is high current charging like you would get from a public charger and can be used from the comfort of your home. Many EV drivers live in areas with little or no charging infrastructure. Charging at home is often easier than charging at a public charger, which is probably one of the reasons why most Americans choose to charge this way. No need to find a public charger or wait to use it. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, 80 percent of EV charging is done at home. This may be due to the convenience and low cost of home charging.

ZENCAR Level 2 ev charger

Here’s a good guideline from Energy Star zencar level 2 ev charger : If you drive more than 40 miles per day, you should consider a Level 2 EV charger. Level 2 charger is 3 to 10 times faster than Level 1 ev charger, depending on several technical factors (charging itself, circuit size, and the car’s maximum charge rate).

Level 2 EV chargers are 10% more efficient than Level 1 ev charger. Energy efficiency is important, especially when it comes to reducing energy use in your home, as lower consumption means cheaper electricity bills. Even better, it also means less carbon emissions and less pollution Scheduled charging is possible

Why choose ZENCAR level 2 ev charger

Zencar level 2 ev charger offer safe EV charging process.

Although more and more public charging stations are now available in multiple cities and locations, the convenience and cost savings of home charging keep many consumers opting to have their own personal chargers at home. However, safety should also be considered when it comes to these Level 2 EV chargers.