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Type B Portable EV Charger

Do you know about Type B Portable EV Charger?

In every country, shocks caused by contact with electrical conductors continue to occur every year. For example, in the United Kingdom, the Health and Safety Executive recorded that “There are about 1,000 accidents involving electric shock or burns at work each year… about 30 of them are fatal.”

Unless the current is interrupted within a short period of time, it takes only 30mA to through a hand to the feet to cause death. Therefore, protecting people from shock has always been the primary task in the design of AC electrical systems.

Then Type B current protection is especially important when you

Portable EV Charger

Charge your car by using the Type B portable ev charger. What’s more, it is with AC 30mA + DC 6mA. Although the 6mA detection device (RCD-DD) inside the charger can provide protection, the Type B RCD can detect DC current and its trip value is much higher than 6mA DC, so it can ensure better service and protection continuity.

So Zencar Type B Portable Charger will be recommended to you. The safety problem is solved, and consumers can charge their cars more safely. Here are some more details to help you know more about it:

Current: 6A – 32A, 3KW – 7KW

Length: 5m or customized

Waterproof grade: IP65

Type B current protection: AC 30mA + DC 6mA

Warranty: 12 months

What’s more, there is a great fucntion: Timer, if you charge your car at night, you could save more moneyy after setting the delayed time. In most countries, the electricity fee at night is cheaper than in the day time.

But how to realize the Timer Function?

When your Type 1 or Type 2 plug connects to your car, and the charger is working, then you could swipe the RFID card for 1st swiping, it shows that charger will start charge session after 2 hours. Max delayed time is 6 hours. More details, pls kindly check the left picture, which will be much clearer.

And Type B portable charger will be more and more popular in European countries. If you want to know more about the Type B portable charger, just send the email to Zencar.